designs, develops and produces interactive products and installations.

We work directly with brands or in close cooperation with their agencies to craft delightful experiences that perfectly fit in high-impact campaigns.

Our field of play ranges from connected products, over machine learning and AI, to interactive experiences incorporating robotics and next generation displays. We’re not afraid of large scale mechanical installations, tiny custom electronics or super-tight deadlines.

We have a proven track record of crazy adventures – and we’re up for more!


Our 3x2 approach

concept + execution

Not only coming up with thé creative idea but also realising it all the way.

digital + physical

Not limiting ideas to screens, but designing them for the real world.

design + engineering

Not only making it look stunning but actually making it work.


We're very proud of beyond's truly multidisciplinary team and partners.


Anner Tiete


Kevin Verelst

Designer / Technologist

Jelmer Tiete

Engineer / Hacker

Gera Bouma

Studio Manager