Internet connected foosball tables

For the football craziness that accompanied the worldcup 2014, Trendwolves and Palm decided to put a mini-version of football into the spotlights: Foosball! developed a concept that held true to the original game of Foosball, like it’s played in many bars and attics in Belgium by many enthousiasts. But, by adding intelligence to the table itself and making it connected, we augmented the playing experience and managed to add arcade-style elements to a traditional bar game. Thanks to NFC keychains and an online ranking system, with live sharing of scored on Facebook, the players knew exactly who to challenge when their leadership position was in danger!

Since the campaign needed 20 foosball tables, to be distributed in youth houses all over Flanders, we scaled up our production with a small assembly line and developed our own Arduino clone : the Arduino Ronaldo.

All in all this is an exemplary project for; everything started with initial spark and we took it all the way to a small scale production run of a physical product with digital intelligence. We are proud to report that these tables resulted in a happy client, great brand awareness and lots of excited foosball maniacs.

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