Tuborg Beat Bottle

Bespoke design & engineering for global influencer marketing

Happiness and Tuborg unveiled Tuborg Open: their ultimate global music collaboration platform. A space for creativity and discovery, open to musicians all over the world. To kick off the platform, a beat was created that will travel the world so other artists can build on it: the Tuborg Beat. And who better to produce this beat than Major Lazer? Known for their groundbreaking collaborations with A-list artists such as Justin Bieber, MØ, Nicki Minaj and many more.

To bring this global project to the next level, Happiness Brussels commissioned us to create the “one more thing …”

A ‘Music Bottle’ that literally transports the beat all over the world. From the outside this bottle looks exactly like any regular Tuborg beer bottle, but when it’s opened you set free the beat when it escapes out of the bottle. And … that can happen only once.

beyond.io designed, engineered and prototyped the custom hardware and firmware of the music bottle in Belgium. Which was followed by a production run on a very tight schedule in China while the rest of the team designed and built a unique bottling machine to seal the music player in a pressurised beer bottle.

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