Interactive installation for Bike for Brussels

Bike for Brussels
Cycling is on the rise in Brussels and that’s great. Because more cyclists means less cars. And less cars means more safety, less traffic jams, and more space. Unfortunately, 24% of cyclists still aren’t using bicycle lights. To fight this dangerous statistic, Bike for Brussels and Mortierbrigade organised a week of activities to raise awareness all over Brussels.

As part of this campaign, Mortierbrigade contacted us to conceptualise and produce an interactive installation that would really embody the slogan : “Be bright, use a light”.

Interactive installation
Our Bike Light Lane allows the cyclists to test and see the importance of a bicycle light for themselves, even in bright daylight. We used two repurposed shipping containers as a tunnel into which the bike lane was rerouted.

The cyclists entering this special “Bike Light Lane” would cycle along a 24 meter long, 2 meters high LED wall (2,5 million pixels!). Our sensor setup tracks each bike from the moment it enters the tunnel. On the screen your “buddy” appears on his bike and joins you at the same speed in his virtual version of Brussels. Suddenly, another cyclist, without a bike light appears out of nowhere and wizzes past! Soon enough the catastrophic results of his invisibility are shown: he was hit by a car and is sitting on the pavement…dazed and full of regrets.

A lot of effort was put into designing a scene that embodies Brussels’ atmosphere: the right architecture, signage and a custom city soundscape that was linked to the shops and events on the screen.

Lighting was a very important element in the visitor’s experience. We used a game engine and a combination of 2D and 3D techniques to draw realistic shadows and fine-tune the colour of the (bike)lights that would light up the bike light lane.

Cyclists could experience the Bike Light Lane for seven days on high-visibility spot in the centre of Brussels. The opening of the installation by the Brussels Minister of Mobility was featured widely in national and local media. During the campaign, more than 3000 cyclists experienced why it is so important to use a bike light. And if they happened not to have any themselves, free bike lights (and a free breakfast!) were provided on the final day of the event.

YEAR 2017
BRAND Bike for Brussels (Brussels Mobility)
CAMPAIGN Mortierbrigade
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