Interactive billboards for STIB/MIVB

Public transport is your key to the city
The STIB-MIVB, the public corporation that operates the public transport in the Brussels-Capital Region is on a mission to significantly reduce the 370.000 cars that enter Brussels every day.
Drawing the attention of these drivers to a better alternative, public transport, is where it all starts.

Interactive billboards
Therefor, our friends at Mortierbrigade came up with a clever way to remind car users of the option of public transport at exactly the right time: just before they are about to enter and use their car in Brussels.

beyond.io was briefed to capture the radio signals broadcast by wireless carkeys in the vicinity of billboards at tram stops. These radio signals would trigger a reaction from the tram shown on the billboard – it would ring its bell and flash its lights!

To achieve this effect, we used an end-to-end solution that included a SDR (software defined radio), custom software for signal processing and to trigger sounds and lights via relays. The entire setup was carefully crafted to fit inside the billboards, without obstructing the existing hardware and lighting.
The 4 high power LED spots were included to not only mimic a car’s behavior when it’s unlocked but also to allow the user to confirm that the sound was indeed coming from the tram on the billboard. And of course we made sure that the tram’s characteristic bell sound was nice and crisp …

Additionally, we carefully recreated a STIB mobile ticket dispenser that would work in the same way.
If someone used their keyfob in the close range around the machine, it would automatically reward the passerby with a free public transport ticket, accompanied by a happy tram DING DING sound.

We set up our centralized monitoring solution for all the hardware so we were able to gather live data on usage and remotely intervene in case of issues (there were … none. yay!)

Mortierbrigade crafted a very thorough campaign, extending the DING DING sound on social media and radio. All 5 interactive billboards spread around the city of Brussels together, DING-ed 27.451 times, capturing the attention of car users 24/7 for an entire week and a half. And over the course of two days, 876 free tickets were dispensed in key locations in the center of Brussels!

YEAR 2019
CONCEPT & CAMPAIGN Mortierbrigade
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