Book signing robot

For the Antwerp Book Fair 2016 we designed and built a booksigning robot that recreates the handwriting of 8 world famous authors.

In collaboration DDB Brussels we designed and built a booksigning robot for for their booth at the hugely popular Antwerp Book Fair 2016. It recreates the carefully digitalised handwriting of 8 world famous authors such as: Nicci French, Paula Hawkins (The Girl on the Train), Andy Griffiths(The Treehouse Books), David Baldacci (The Last Mile), David Lagercrantz (Millennium 4), Robert Harris (Imperium) and Paul van Ostaijen. Thanks to the robot, even the now deceased author could sign your copy of his book Music Hall, 100 years after its release.

Visitors of the book fair could have their books signed, 12 days long, non-stop during the “Onmogelijke signeersessies” or the Impossible Signing Sessions. The robot turned out to be a real eye-catcher with over a thousand signatures signed of which Paul van Ostaijen turned out to be the most popular writer.

The press coverage of the book signing robot was the same as a national campaign, boosting brand awareness and sales for We are extremely proud that this campaign was awarded a Cannes Golden Lion in 2017.

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