insta-active fashion drop

Scotch & Soda: the Ralston Drop
The release of 11 new washes for Scotch & Soda’s iconic Ralston fit is essentially a ‘drop’: a fashion phenomenon where a new collection is released in limited availability. These events are often paired with hysteria, exclusivity and competition. A world that couldn’t be further from that of Scotch & Soda’s.

This is why our Dutch friends at Fitzroy came up with The Ralston Drop: a fashion event done the Scotch & Soda way.

Insta-active installation
beyond.io was tasked in designing, engineering and setting up a huge washing line with interactive pegs triggered by the right Instagram mentions.
We attached all available washes to the high hanging remote controlled pegs. Through Instagram, visitors could tag Scotch & Soda in a picture of their desired jeans, and have them fall from the sky. We automatically monitored Scotch & Soda’s stream and moderated where necessary during the event.
The resulting after movie was used across different social channels to signal Scotch & Soda’s unique position in the fashion world.

YEAR 2018
BRAND Scotch & Soda
CAMPAIGN, IDEA Fitzroy Amsterdam
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