interactive storefront

For the 10th anniversary of the ZuluPapuWa collection by Walter Van Beirendonck, JBC contacted beyond.io with an unusual brief: “We would like a Rube Goldberg machine for our store windows, but with a twist – it needs to be able to reset itself and run indefinitely.”

Challenge accepted and from the start of the project we purposely focussed on narrative and defining a memorable customer experience. Thanks to an empowering co-creation session at JBC, fleshing out all the bells and whistles of the machine became evident. During development we made extensive use of 3D modelling and prop models for both virtual and physical prototyping. Thanks to a final push we were able to bring every subsystem together in a grand experience that stayed true to Walter Van Beirendonck’s creative vision and got his personal seal of approval!

The machine itself manages to turn heads, generating more walk-in’s and promote brand awareness in Belgium’s busy shopping streets. Thanks to the possibility to interact with the machine right through the shop window, customers can have their picture taken with Zulu and instantaneously pick up a print in the shop.

Since it was also possible to easily share this picture on social media, thanks to a unique short-url, the ZPW Machine made a lasting impression, online and offline, for both children and adults.

Zulu’s crazy machine in full glory!
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