Creative / Coder – intern


Creative / Coder – intern is an experience design studio – we design, develop and produce interactive products and installations for brands and agencies.

We are looking for a creative coder. Both work: a coder with creative abilities or a creative that can code!

You possess a strong sense of design and know what makes an interactive experience stick in ones mind. At we expect you to seek out novel interactive experiences, combining hardware and software, often using the cutting-edge of technology.
And some experience (personal, at school or even professional work) in designing and coding interactive experiences is recommended, we hope you have some of your own projects to show us.

You will

  • iteratively design and code interactive experiences and (large-scale) installations
  • explore the design space of a project
  • find the right toolset for the job at hand
  • cooperate on larger installations with electronic engineers, hardware engineers, designers and other software engineers
  • research and explore new developments in the field
  • visually showcase your results to the team or the world


  • the skills and ability to turn explorative sketches into code that produces stunning visuals
  • has been part of a public-facing interactive project or experience in the past
  • adheres to good coding guidelines
  • experience in interfacing with input and output hardware
  • you possess an intuition on what is “good” design or a great experience
  • English proficiency is a must, Dutch is a good extra but not required, any other language gets even more points!

We offer

  • mentorship from experienced senior designers and engineers
  • hands-on experience while working in unusual projects for well-known brands
  • a unique studio environment and can-do mentality
  • time and resources to learn, explore and work on your own wild ideas
  • internships can be full time or part time – let’s discuss!

Working at is committed to pursuing diversity, inclusion and fairness when looking for wonderful people to join our team.

We’re located in Antwerp, Belgium: in our pleasant studio you can expect a nice big desk to call your own and a fully equipped workshop, open for experimentation. At we encourage flexible working times and the possibility to occasionally work remotely.

How to apply
Send an email to with the subject line : “Creative Coder – internship” in which you explain why you will be our next kick-ass intern! Make sure to include your resume and portfolio and remember that we want to get to know the real you!

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